Theology and Spirituality

Coat of Arms

Charism – Our charism is to partake in the redemptive love of Christ and to serve His thirst for souls.  By the Lord’s Grace all members of the Pro Sanctity family contribute to the spreading of the universal call to holiness in order to create a world made of saints, all brothers and sisters. The consecrated women of the movement, the Apostolic Oblates, offer themselves up for universal sanctification; they live with a heart of mission, ever ready to serve in active and creative ways.

Coat of Arms of the Apostolic Oblates – Our simple yet beautiful coat of arms contains symbolism that reflects our way of life and our devotions.  The brilliant white color of the mountain, juxtaposed against the vibrant blue background, symbolizes purity; the blue sky reminds us of our devotion to the Blessed Mother.  The mountain itself represents Mount Carmel, reminding us of the Carmelite spirituality that inspired our founder, Bishop Giaquinta; it symbolizes the ascending journey toward heroic virtue.  The words Ora Labora (pray and work) reflect the Benedictine ideal from which the name Oblate is taken; their striking red color symbolizes sacrificial love, a love that gives itself up to be consumed just as Christ gives Himself to His Church.  Below the mountain, there are three stems of wheat, which stand for the three theological virtues of Faith, Hope, and Charity.  The wheat also signifies the Eucharist, which is at the core of the Apostolic Oblation.