Apostolic Oblates in their ceremonial gowns 

Consecrated Life

The Pro Sanctity Apostolic Oblation is a secular institute of pontifical right. The Apostolic Oblates are laywomen who consecrate themselves to Christ, in differing capacities.  There are three kinds of Apostolic Oblates; two live the Vocation of consecrated life, similar to religious sisters.  The oblates who live this vocation make vows of poverty, chastity and obedience and promise availability to the Institute.  They are consecrated to the redemptive love of Christ and live the three theological virtues in service of Christ in the Institute. Faith is lived in the spirit of contemplation, Hope is lived in apostolic action, and Charity is lived in availability of service.  The different kinds of oblates reflect different levels of availability to Christ in the Pro Sanctity Movement.  


 The Apostolic Oblates are consecrated to Jesus in a covenant of love. Signs express the invisible spiritual realities of this covenant.



Vow of Chastity: Our Lady of Trust Medal

“I am and want to remain in a state of complete availability to your redemptive love. What I ask of you, Heart of Christ the Redeemer, that I may be your docile instrument in the work of redemption. I am certain that through the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, you will accept my prayer.





Vow of Poverty: Will

“Anything that I think or feel is mine, I give to You, O Lord; but give me the grace to enter Your heart, furnace of redemptive love, in order to consume myself in it out of love for You and for my brothers and sisters.





Vow of Obedience: Gown

“Realize that you do not represent only yourselves. From the moment a person has made a commitment in an Institute, she is a part of an ‘all.’ Your actions are not only yours but your Institute’s. The person passes by and the face disappears; a veil and a gown remain. They are the veil and the gown of the Apostolic Oblate.”





Promise of Apostolate: Crucifix

“Jesus, may Your arms outstretched on the cross open me to universal love…may Your crucified feet move me to give myself tirelessly to my brothers and sisters.”





Internal Apostolic Oblates make up the core of the Institute.  They live in absolute availability to Christ in the Pro Sanctity Movement without condition.  Because of their availability, they are able to serve in the unique role of providing for the structures of the Institute.  Their responsibility as Interns consists of missionary activity, mobility, and formation, being in service to those who serve.  They live the fraternal life in Bethanies; they leave their homes and their families, like nuns, and join their sister Oblates for common projects of the apostolate.  Living in renunciation of personal freedom, they are regulated by obedience to their unified superiors: moderators, the Church, and Christ. Interns make vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience in addition to a promise of availability




External Apostolic Oblates are inserted into an environment such as a workplace, parish, or other such territory, dedicated to individual and local activities.  While a Bethany, the housing of the Interns, is a spiritual home to all members of the Pro Sanctity family, the Externs do not live there.  Their consecration takes place where the Lord has placed them, whether this is where they were born, grew up, or elsewhere.  Though their consecration as External Oblates makes them totally available for the apostolate, their availability is conditional based on the immediate responsibilities of their life of individual mission.  Externs are tasked with carrying out the stable presence of the apostolate wherever they are, through social contacts, parishes, and places of  work.  In the transformation of societal structures, Externs take the lead.  Just as the Interns, Externs make vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience.



Pro Sanctity Family 



In addition to the Apostolic Oblates, the Pro Sanctity family is composed of other lay women and men and priests.



Cooperative Apostolic Oblates are married women whose primary task is the sanctification of their own family.

Through the promotion of the spirituality of the family, the domestic Church rediscovers its role of unity and reciprocal love. The Cooperative Oblates promise availability to the Institute of Pro Sanctity, in accordance with the state of life within their family; they witness to the authentic Christian life, caring for family spirituality through retreats, meetings involving their own families, and helping their families live in holiness and a loving relationship with God.  Their tasks are essential in the building of a society of saints



The Ecclesial Association of Social Animators is made up of laymen, single or married, who make a promise before God of apostolate and availability. The aims of this Ecclesial Association of Social Animators are the glory of God, the sanctification of its members, and universal sanctification and brotherhood.  Committed to the apostolate of social spirituality, they strive to answer the call to holiness in their personal lives, within their families, and in society



The Apostolic Sodales is a Secular Institute for diocesan priests.  Apostolic Sodales strive to live the gift of their vocation in the spirit of the Cenacle. Together they create a deeper bond between the Hierarchy and their brother priests, emphasizing in their ministry that holiness and fraternity are essential dimensions of every Christian life.  They offer fraternal assistance to those, lay and consecrated, who work to announce the universal call to holiness to the world.